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'Don't you see?' said the man

with the wires in his hands.

'Don't you know what we'll discover

when we finish your brain scans?'

No, of course you don't

'Not to be too unkind,

but the science of the mind

is better left up to the experts

who can process what they find

in their white lab coats.'

'But doc,' I interrupted,

'Will my circuits be corrupted?'

And the doc scrunched his face

as in laughter he erupted

like I told a joke.

'My dear friend lie back in bed!

This is all over your head.

If you continue to shout

you will scare our porcine friend

and we can't have that.'

So he hooked up the machine

and he aimed the laser beam

and I felt my mind receding

as the pig started to scream

like a grown man.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Grab your partner, dosey-doe

I will take you toe to toe

Funniest thing that you ever did see

That scientist is chasing me

I will lead him all around

With two feet upon the ground

I'm a man

Distant memory

Bacon not fleece

Your true destiny

Perish for meat

(J. Corbett)

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